The women’s outerwear, also called DOB, is completely from certificate operations and from a sustainable production. The outerwear is send since the season start in january from the team of hegler fashion and their sales partners to the boutiques and retail customers as well as textil logisticians. T-shirts, which have modern cuts and shapes, the actual fashion and the freshness of the spring colors allow the customers, despite the challenge of the corona-virus, which could bring huge challenges for the fashion branch as well as for the whole textual industry, to start positively in the new season.

Hegler Fashion is doing their last steps for the pre-order for the autumn/winter season 2021. At this time they’re selling particularly fashionable pullovers, sweatshirts, jeans and skirts, but also cotton and wool blend cardigans. The high quality and the modern accessories form the modern collection of hegler fashion. At the numerous fairs and in the fashion-centers, like the most famous fair CPD in Düsseldorf, which is regular mention in the fashion alliance „Fashion Net Düsseldorf“, is hegler fashion represented.